Wasau Woodland Home

Type: Residential (RIT Design Project)
Location: Wasau Wisconsin
Task: To create a single-family residence for a family with two elementary aged children in Wisconsin with an eye on sustainability. The design should be creative not only in an aesthetic way, but in a functional way as well.
Current Phase: Design Complete


This residential project takes place on a hypothetical parcel of land in the town of Wasau, Wisconsin.  The family wants a residence with one level, has bedrooms for the two young children, an office for the father who often meets clients and co-workers at the residence, a modest kitchen and direct access to an outdoor living area.  Covered parking is necessary, as well as a variety of storage areas, inside and out.  Two full bathrooms are required. Sustainable features are heavily desired.  

Schematic Design
Master Bedroom
Two Smaller Bedrooms
Two Full Bathrooms
Utility Closet
Various Storage Spaces
Outdoor Living
Outdoor Storage
Family Room (Added)

Above: Diagram explaining where rooms should be in relation to the sunlight desired during the morning, afternoon, and evening.


Left:  Turning the functional diagram into a bubble diagram, getting closer to a floor plan concept.




















Design 1

Design 2

Design 3

Design 1 was a literal interpretation of the bubble diagram to a floor plan.  Design 2 rearranged the space into a linear fashion.  This concept added a corrodor to access the children's bedrooms from the master bedroom more efficiently.  Through reorganization of the space and the desire to keep the two children's bedrooms next to each other, Design 3 introduces the family room to the program as a more private entertainment space (Labeled as "Work/Play Area").

Design Development


The finalized floor plan includes an open concept living and dining area, with a kitchen set in an alcove bounded by clerestory windows above and two entrance vestibules on either side.  With many conversations and social gatherings gravitating towards the kitchen, it was decided that this was to be at the heart of the Wisconsin residence. Public and private spaces are clearly separated as well as spaces for children and spaces for adults.


The ourdoor environment features a deck with steps on three sides and a bench with storage on the southern corner.  On the northern side of the residence is a covered pathway leading to the single-car covered parking structure and outdoor storage.


The overall shape of the structure provides for complete interior spaces as well as exterior spaces.


Orientation of the house was made to maximize solar daylighting in the bedrooms during the morning, leading occupants through the structure until the evening sun lights the living, dining, and kitchen areas.


Parking for visitors was given towards the front of the reisdence, with a pathway leading to the main entrance.  

South Elevation

Section C - C

Two main precedents were followed when designing the exterior and the interior.  To the left is a house in France that utilizes a black metal roof and skylights where the roof and wall meet.  Wood siding is used to polish off the modern look.  To the right is the inspiration for the ideas around the kitchen alcove and clerestory windows.  This was to provide sunlight in the spaces during the morning, when breakfast is prepared.

Wasau NE
Wasau Door to Walkway
Wasau Woodland Retreat