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Re-Imagining Downtown Rochester

Creation of an Equitable Urban Master Plan

Rochester, New York

Phoenix Mills Hostel - Adaptive Reuse

High Falls

Rochester, New York

"Central Crossing" Gateway Development

Central Avenue

Henrietta, New York

Falls Field Lodge

St. Paul Street

Rochester, New York

Healthy Housing Modular Townhouse Design

Hudson Avenue

Rochester, New York

Henrietta Town Center - Suburban Plaza

Henrietta, New York


Vacant Home Renovation

Irondequoit, New York

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Pre-design research for Henrietta

Town Center

November 2016

By Fangyuan Shi, Sofie Hedman,

Doug Templeton

Compiled by Doug Templeton

Simple Zoning and Building Code Analysis

Spec. Office Building

February 2017

Doug Templeton

Residential Renewable Retrofit

Mechanical Engineering

December 2016

Rexon Carvalho (Sustainable Systems)

Mandala Murphy (Mechanical Engineering)

Doug Templeton (Architecture)

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